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Hello friends!!

~~My username is daintytoad because I would prefer to remain anonymous. I am a high school student and I have an objectively good life; loving parents, a stable socio-economic situation, etc (i'm basically the stereotypical 'middle-class white girl with an ed' lol). However, I still find myself feeling 'low' quiet frequently. I am not clinically diagnosed with any mental health issues, so I'm not sure if I am experiencing normal teenage mood swings or something more serious! Nonetheless, I still cope in unhealthy ways like restricting food and self-harming. I've had an eating disorder for about a year now, with periods of extreme restriction to periods of 'normal' eating. I mainly have anorexic tendancies but don't think I had complete anorexia nervosa because I don't always starve. It's still really hard to deal with and has fucked up my relationship with food even though I go through normal eating phases. I think there are a variety of factors that contribute to my low self-esteem/ed; societal pressures, comparing myselfs to others, rude comments, perfectionism and control. I've always been the biggest one of my friends and I just wish I could be the small, pretty one. I feel like I look like an ogre lolol. Thx 4 readin'~~

Facts About Me

Favorite color: Purple, forest green, maroon. I love most colors tho!

Favorite weather/seasons: Cloudy, warm days. Foggy mornings. I love fall and spring the most!

Favorite foods (haha): Sushi, chocolate, soup, pastas, greek food, all fruits. I love most food, and I'm honestly such a foodie, which makes this whole thing super hard!

Favorite movies/TV shows: I Am Not a Serial Killer, Stranger Things, Supersize vs Superskinny (obviously), Kitchen Nightmares, the first Twilight

Favorite creatures: Toads, bunnies, unicorns, deer

Fav music genres: Punk, Techno, Indie, shitty 2011 dubstep >>

Aesthetics: I love the retro aesthetic (like most teenagers now), and I'm also really into cottagecore/webcore. I miss the 2009 emo aesthetic (even tho I'm not emo), and the pastel 'goth' look (even tho it's not really goth).

Youtubers: H3H3, Dan Bell, Marzia. I also watch a bunch of gross mukbangs when I'm hungry...

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